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Banquet Terms and Conditions

Banquet Terms and Conditions

ASSIGNMENT/CONFIRMATION OF FUNCTION SPACE: The Schedule of Events listed on the first page of this Agreement indicates the space that is tentatively being held for you and will be held on a definite basis upon signing of this Agreement by both parties. You agree to confirm with us the assigned function space before printing any materials listing specific meeting or function locations. If for any reason the function space reserved is not available for your Event, you agree that we may substitute space of appropriate size and comparable quality for your Event. Please contact the Hotel at least one month before your Event to review and confirm the details for your Event, including menus, decorations, entertainment and beverage service. Upon review of your Event requirements, Event Orders will be sent to you to confirm all final arrangements and prices, which Event Orders will serve as a part of this Agreement. If you do not advise Hotel of any changes on the Event Orders by the date requested by Hotel, you agree that the Event Orders will be considered accepted by you as correct and you will be billed accordingly.

GUARANTEE OF ANTICIPATED REVENUE: At least 72 hours (three days) before your Event, you must inform us of the exact number of people who will attend your Event by contacting your assigned Catering Manager by phone. We will not undertake to serve more than 3% above this guaranteed minimum. If the Event is held, but the Hotel does not realize the Total Minimum Anticipated Revenue from your Event, you agree to pay damages to the Hotel for lack of performance. The damages owed will be the amount necessary for the Hotel to receive no less than 100% of the Total Minimum Anticipated Revenue from your Event (exclusive of gratuities, facilities charges, labor fees, applicable federal, state or local taxes or any other fees outside of food and beverage product sales). You will be charged based on the Event guarantee that you give us or the Total Minimum Anticipated Revenue indicated at the time you signed this Agreement, whichever is greater.
PAYMENT TERMS: We require that you pay an initial deposit of $23,000 at the time that you sign and return this Agreement to us. You agree to pay the entire remaining balance of the Total Minimum Anticipated Revenue> in cash or by certified check at least ten (10) days prior to your Event or by personal bank check no later than two weeks prior to your Event.
All charges can be paid by a major credit card that we accept. Please contact us for a then-current list of those major credit cards that our Hotel accepts as of the Event dates. Currently, Hilton Worldwide accepts MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express and JCB International.

We reserve the right to check your credit status at any time before the commencement of the Event, and we reserve the right to increase the amount of deposits and/or pre-payments should there be a negative change in your financial status. You expressly consent to our conducting any such credit checks. If advance payments or deposits are not paid on a timely basis, the Hotel will have the right, at its option, to consider the Agreement cancelled and will be entitled to cancellation damages as provided in this Agreement.

If payment of all undisputed charges is not received within thirty (30) days after your receipt of the final invoice, a finance charge of 1.5% per month, or the maximum amount allowed by law, whichever is less, will accrue on the unpaid, undisputed amount, commencing on the date of receipt of the final invoice. If any charges are disputed, then the parties agree to work in good faith to resolve the disputed invoiced charges in a timely manner, and you agree to pay the remainder immediately upon resolution of the dispute.

CANCELLATION DAMAGES: You guarantee that your Event will provide the Total Minimum Anticipated Revenue. You agree and understand that, in the event of a cancellation or lack of full performance by you, our actual damages would be difficult to determine. Therefore, you agree that should you cancel your Event for any reason other than due to a valid Impossibility occurrence, including changing your meeting/function site to another hotel, you will pay as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, a percentage of the Total Anticipated Revenue for your Event, plus any applicable state and/or local taxes as required by law, calculated as follows:

Cancellation between date of signed contract and 90 Days of event

Cancellation between 89 and 60 days ub advance

Cancellation between 59 and 31 days

Cancellation within 30 days your Event:

INSURANCE: You agree to maintain insurance reasonably commensurate with all activities arising from or connected with your Event, including, but not limited to, general liability insurance, with limits not less than $2,000,000 per occurrence, covering personal injury, property damage, and other liability arising from your Event, and you agree to add Hotel and Hilton Worldwide, Inc. as additional insureds under all applicable policies for your Event. With respect to any claims or other liability for which you are responsible, your insurance will apply as primary to any insurance maintained by the Hotel Indemnified Parties.
General Insurance Language Requirements
Please be sure to include the following:
1. Aareal Capital Corporation as Lender and as Agent for the Lenders, together with successors and assigns, and Oasis West Realty LLC are included as additional insureds.
2. Hilton Worldwide, Inc. and each of its respective subsidiary companies, affiliated companies and parent companies of every tier and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives and assignees.
3. Oasis West Realty LLC, and each of its subsidiary companies, affiliated companies and parent companies of every tier and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives and assignees.
4. Such other entities or individuals as Owner may designate from time to time.
Please note that obtaining and maintaining appropriate insurance protects you by providing coverage to you by paying the Hotel for damages that occur during your Event and which you would otherwise be required to pay under the indemnification clause. For informational purposes only, single event insurance (sometimes called "private event insurance" or "special event insurance") may be available for purchase at reasonable rates, including from reputable online insurance providers. When purchasing single event insurance, you should select general liability and property damage coverage.

Hotel agrees to maintain general liability insurance with limits not less than $5,000,000 per occurrence, covering liability for personal injury, property damage, liquor liability, and automobile liability, as well as Workers Compensation insurance per applicable laws and Employers Liability insurance. Upon written request, each party shall make evidence of coverage available to the other party. For hotels that participate in Hilton Worldwide’s general liability insurance program, proof of such insurance coverage is satisfied by a Memorandum of Insurance available at: The Hotel can confirm whether they participate.

GOVERNING LAW: The Agreement will be governed by and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the state in which Hotel is located, excluding any laws regarding the choice or conflict of laws.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION: The parties will use their commercially reasonable efforts to informally and timely resolve any dispute concerning any matter related to this Agreement by presenting the dispute to senior representatives of Hotel and Group for their discussion and possible resolution in the order set forth herein; provided, however, a dispute relating to patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, trade secrets, and/or infringement of intellectual property rights shall not be subject to this provision. All negotiations pursuant to this section are confidential and shall be treated as compromise and settlement negotiations for purposes of applicable rules of evidence. If within a period of thirty (30) calendar days after submission of a disputed matter in accordance with this clause, the respective senior representatives are unable to agree upon a resolution of such dispute, then either party may give notice to the other party of its intention to pursue arbitration. Arbitration of disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement will be resolved using one arbitrator before JAMS or American Arbitration Association in the state and city in which Hotel is located, or the closest available location. The parties further agree that in any arbitration proceeding, they may conduct reasonable discovery pursuant to the arbitration rules, and any arbitration award will be enforceable in State or Federal court.

COLLECTION/ATTORNEY'S FEES: The parties agree that if any dispute arises in any way relating to or arising out of this Agreement, the prevailing party in any arbitration or court proceeding will be entitled to recover an award of its attorney's fees and costs, plus pre and post judgment interest. If we retain the services of a collection agency or attorney to assist in the collection of any amounts due to us under this Agreement, you will pay all expenses incurred by us in such collection efforts.
ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By signing where indicated below, you are agreeing that in addition to the terms and conditions of this Agreement as outlined above, this Agreement is also comprised of all the general terms and conditions set forth in the Catering Sales Event Agreement – Additional Terms and Conditions (collectively, the "Additional Terms and Conditions") located on the following web site:
The undersigned expressly agree and warrant that they are authorized to sign and enter into this Agreement on behalf of the party for which they sign. 

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